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Boston’s Performing Arts Home


Our Mission

Through the power of the performing arts, Boston Arts Club has a mission to inspire communities, change the trajectory of student lives, and evolve each individual’s perspective of the world around them. By engaging our communities, shining a spotlight on those in the shadows, and providing education programs for all abilities, Boston Arts Club promotes a life-long love of learning because, here, the arts are for everyone. 

How We ACE The Arts


Accessible - The arts are for everyone. Theater is for everyone.

Boston Acting Club is committed to making the arts accessible for all involved.


To our patrons: Our venues are handicap accessible- Always. We're also currently exploring potential partners to provide Closed Captioning and translator services for individuals with special needs or a language barrier.


To our students: We're on a mission to design programs that benefit all ages, all backgrounds, and that can be afforded by all. Explore our Education page to learn more about the scholarships and tuition assistance available as we try to ensure every student can experience the transformative power of the arts.


Community-Centric - Better Together.

We've got a stage for everyone. And that's just the start.

Our team actively works in partnering with schools, community centers, and other arts organizations because our community programs come with one goal: Benefitting you and your community.


Enlightening - Your Perspective.


With each class and every lesson, our programs have the power to transform a student's perspective by exposing them to different scenarios, diverse stories, and immersive characters. Through our faculty, and your personal experience, students can explore new ideas and develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, and creativity while also encouraging empathy and understanding.

Get to know us even further.

You are more than meets the eye. So are we.


Austin Sa

Executive Director - he/him/his

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